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Infinity Communications Group partners with leading internet providers and we can help you determine the best internet strategy for your network.  
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Dedicated, reliable symmetrical internet bandwidth with speeds up to 100G and higher.   Businesses today are transitioning to the cloud and at the same time adopting SD WAN making dedicated internet access more important than ever.


Communication Tower

Broadband and cellular internet is increasingly important in today's network design.  Use a combination of broadband and cellular internet or combine with MPLS or dedicated internet to get the right combination of bandwidth, reliability, availability and price.

Broadband & Cellular

Dish Antenna

Satellite internet can be a great backup or temporary solution with broadband speeds up to 35Mb in most of US and up to100Mb in some areas.  Unlimited plans with persistent IP addresses that install in a few days.


Highlighted Internet Partners
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How we can help

  • We can review your existing services
  • We will learn your budget and requirements
  • We can then determine the internet provider/s that best meets your needs
  • Present detailed budgetary pricing
  • Provide ordering, implementation support and project management
  • Ongoing Lifecycle Support

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