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Infinity Communications Group partners with leading SD WAN providers and we can help you determine if the time is right to incorporate SD WAN into your network strategy.  

Zebra Crossing

Dynamically route traffic based on applications, business priorities, link health, and more.

Dynamic Routing

Race Tracks

Combine circuits with different service levels to lower cost per mb.  SD WAN willl ensure that your applications use the right circuit or combination of circuits based on your business needs and priorities.

Bandwidth Aggregation

Monitoring Room

With SD WAN you'll be able to monitor your network to proactively address service issues, latency, packet loss, utilization and more.


Highlighted SD WAN Partners
Download SD WAN Brochure

How we can help

  • We can review your existing services
  • We will learn your budget and requirements
  • We can then determine the SD WAN provider/s that best meets your needs
  • Schedule an on-site or remote demo
  • Present detailed budgetary pricing
  • Provide ordering, implementation support and project management
  • Ongoing Lifecycle Support

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